Kim’s Ski Adventure Journal

My Love For Summer Skiing

The first time I skied in the summer I was nine years old. I traveled from NY to Oregon with my older brother to Bob Bea [...]

Featured: Yahoo Travel

Kim was recently interviewed by Yahoo Travel about why women skiers need female ski instructors. See the video and read [...]

Giving Thanks for the Tough Times

As I look back over many years I’m often reminded of the setbacks I’ve experienced and how the tough times have actually [...]

Am I Good Enough to Ski with Kim?

We love to post photos. Our Facebook, Instagram, and site are full of them: great skiers, in perfect form with magnifice [...]

Sacrificing for the Win

When I was 18 years old I was dropped by the US Ski team at the peak of my young career. “Un-coachable” was the word tha [...]

Fall Updates from Kim

While most of you are enjoying fall colors and long hikes in crisp air, I am charging my battery on the beach in Mexico. [...]

Thank You!

Looking back on the 2014-15 season makes me smile with satisfaction and appreciation. Thank you all for traveling across [...]

Featured: Limitless Pursuits

Kim was interviewed on Limitless Pursuits this month about her life on the slopes. See the full interview here!   [...]

Happy New Year!

As I look back on 2014 I have many wonderful memories, courtesy of my great clients. I have skied with many of you for y [...]

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