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Having returned to my ordinary 'Life after Alaska', my world seems flat. It is as if the Alaskan adventure has erased a dimension from my landscape. Everything here seems smaller, less dramatic, and less steep. Even the Rockies seem plain.
-Phil Norish

Alaska Heli Skiing: The Experience of a Lifetime

Dates: March 14-21 | March 21-28 | March 28 – April 4 | April 11-15 (Iceland) | April 15-21 (Iceland) | April 21-25 (Iceland)


Helicopter skiing is the ultimate ski experience. There is nothing better than the solitude, tranquility and beauty that heli-skiing brings. The first time Kim heli-skied was in Alaska was in 1991. It was the best skiing experience of her life. Since then she has been lucky enough to heli-ski every year, bringing skiers of all levels into the mountains where the snow is untracked, the runs are long, and you are the only people on the slope. Every year Ski with Kim offers helicopter ski trips for a variety of skiers and ski ability. If you are interested, contact us and we can create the ideal trip for you. If you already have experience and are looking for a compatible group, let us put you with the right people. Many of our clients heli-ski every year, and depend on us to put them in a group of similar ability and experience. There is a reason why we have an 85% return clientele.

If you have never been heli-skiing, let’s remove some of the myths that exist.

You don’t jump out of the helicopter. The helicopter lands at the top, everyone gets out, and the guide unloads the skis from the basket, which is outside the helicopter. Once everyone and everything is secured the helicopter takes off.

You don’t ski runs like you see in the movies, unless you want to. Heli-skiing offers something for everyone. There are beginner, intermediate and experts runs in the backcountry, just like a ski resort. What’s most important is, you are in a group with similar ability and experience and have a guide who knows your expectations.

You will not be pushed outside your comfort zone or be left behind. Every trip includes a terrain progression. All groups start on easy slopes, and as the snow pack proves to be stable and the group builds their confidence, the difficulty level will increase.

As guides, we communicate with you to make sure you are getting what you want. If it’s first descents or wide-open glacier fields, we can deliver. When you Ski with Kim you always get two guides, a lead and a tail. Someone will always have your back.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge – Girdwood, Alaska

Dates: March 21-28, 2015.
Level: Advanced – Expert skiers and snowboarders.

Chugach Powder Guides – Alyeska Ski Resort, Girdwood, Alaska

Dates: March 14-21, 2015.
Level: Advanced – Expert skiers and snowboarders.

Dates: March 28 – April 4, 2015.
Level: Advanced – Expert skiers and snowboarders.

group skiing Alaska

Chugach Powder Guides (CPG) invites you to experience the excitement and sheer magnitude of the Western Chugach Mountain Range! CPG is the only Alaska heli-skiing operator of skiing and snowboarding in a permit area covering over 700,000 acres of mountainous terrain with gentle bowls, giant mountain faces, massive glaciers and sheltered tree skiing. Our mountain guides are highly-trained professionals with extensive Alaskan experience. At Chugach Powder Guides, our goal is to make your backcountry adventure as exciting, safe and memorable as possible. We invite you to join us and see why the Chugach Mountains are recognized for having some of the best heli-skiing and snowboarding in the world!

Your guides, Kim Reichhelm and her staff, will cater to your every need during your stay in Girdwood. With Alyeska resort and the heli- pad at your door you won’t miss any powder. Your days start with a call from Kim updating you on the weather and the plan for the day. If the skies are clear you will take a 3 minute shuttle ride to the heli- pad and head out for a day of fresh powder and the best skiing in the world. If snow is in the air then Kim is your resort guide and host. The tram leaves from the Alyeska Hotel and provides some of the steepest skiing in North America. Kim’s constant contact with CPG means a morning on the resort tracking up the fresh may turn into an afternoon of Alaska heli skiing. As your host Kim also attends to all your needs, dinner reservations, equipment, massage appointments, you name it, Kim is there to help make your ski experience be the best.


Girdwood, Alaska is located 30 miles south of Anchorage at the base of Alyeska resort. Alyeska is one of the steepest resorts in North America. The tram leaves from the Hotel Alyeska and travels over 2,000 feet to the top terminal, with the summit above at over 3,900 ft. With an average annual snowfall of 631 inches, 2,500 vertical feet of diverse terrain and short lift lines, Alyeska Resort lives up to Alaska’s “steep and deep” reputation. Experts love the North Face, North America’s longest continuous double black diamond run. Intermediate and advanced skiers will love the wide open bowls and long top to bottom runs.


Heli Skiing Alaska

The Hotel Alyeska stands alone in Alaska as a premier year-round resort destination. Experience luxury accommodations with modern touches and rich Native Heritage surrounded by unspoiled Alaskan wilderness. Located in a lush valley surrounded by mountain peaks, hanging glaciers and water views, The Hotel Alyeska offers guests luxurious accommodations and convenient access to the Alaskan wilderness.

Getting There:

Girdwood/Alyeska is just a 40 minute drive from the Anchorage airport (ANC). Your Alaska heliskiing package with CPG includes airport transfers.

Alaska Heli skiing Package Includes:

Heli Skiing Alaska Trip

Dates: March 14-21, March 21-28 and March 28 – April 4, 2015.
Difficulty Level: Adv Intermediate to Expert Skiers.

Cost: Contact Kim for Pricing.

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