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Kim challenges and teaches at the same time. Skiing is once again exciting, not just a way to pass the day.
-Ted Williams

Steep Skiing Camps



  1. January 23-26, 2015: Crested Butte (advanced – expert)
  2. February 10-13, 2015: Alta (advanced – expert)

Some of the best skiing in the world is where most skiers don’t go. Sometimes it’s a short hike or a traverse to get to the un-skied lines; the steeper slopes, the narrow chutes, tight trees and cornices. This is where the best skiing on any mountain is hidden. It’s challenging terrain that requires strong skills to be safe. After winning two World Extreme Skiing Championships and skiing Alaska for 20 years, Kim Reichhelm and her staff have the knowledge and experience of big mountain skiing to help you take your skiing to the next level.

Steep Camps are designed to help skiers work on their techniques in a safe, controlled environment. Aspen, Vail and Alta ski resorts are the perfect places to practice these skills. A large variety of slopes to choose from allow for terrain progressions suitable to different comfort levels. Kim and her staff will ensure that you walk away with confidence, knowledge and a smile on your face, ready to take on the deepest snow and the steepest slopes you can find.

Each resort hosting Steep Camps is different. Aspen is open to advanced intermediate skiers and better. If you are comfortable on all black runs and have the desire to ski double blacks this is your best choice. Aspen, with both Ajax and Highlands, allow for many options including hiking Highlands bowl and snow-cat skiing. There are two Alta Steep Camps. The first is for expert skiers. You must be comfortable on double blacks, steeps and willing to hike and traverse to the most challenging lines on the mountain. The second Alta camp is for advanced intermediate to expert skiers. We will ski mostly the same terrain but at a slower pace and less hiking. The Alyeska Steep Camp is for expert skiers. Here you will be challenged the most with steep long runs, chutes, and deep snow. There is something for everyone at each of these three resorts with 4 Steep Camp dates to choose from.

Each Steep camp is limited to 12 participants and groups are divided by ability and aggressiveness. We meet each morning to discuss the day’s agenda and hit the slopes first thing. Early bird days, accessing the lift an hour before it opens to the public, are a special treat when you ski with Kim. At the end of the day we watch our day’s video and take care of equipment needs while enjoying some refreshments and rewards of a great ski day.


The Steep Skiing Camps addresses individual equipment needs and will teach you about equipment so that you have more confidence. Demo skis, boots, poles and helmets are available free of charge (except in Alaska). If you are interested in buying equipment, Kim’s staff will help you through the process, ensuring your buying decision is the right one. Video review during our private après ski is extremely helpful. Not only will you learn how to change your technique but you will also learn how the right equipment will make skiing easier and more fun.

Trip Includes:

Steep Skiing Camps

Ski Alta

Dates: February 10-13, 2015.

ski alta information

If you have skied Alta before you don’t have to be told how great it is. Hands-down one of the best ski resorts in the country. With access to Snowbird through Mineral Basin or over the Keyhole, the Alta ski experience doesn’t get any better. Kim has had a love affair with Alta since her big mountain free-skiing days, when she trained at Alta for competitions. Steep Skiing Camps were created by Kim for her clients who wanted to take an Alaska Heli Skiing adventure and a Portillo Ski trip. This is the perfect training ground for skiers who really want to take it to the next level. Guided skiing and instruction from Kim Reichhelm and her staff plus two Alta ski patrol escorts make this Steep Camp unique. It is limited to 12 expert skiers willing to ski Alta including traversing and hiking to reach the best snow and terrain. Focus is on improving technique on steep slopes, tight trees, powder, and crud. Days start early, sometimes an hour before the lifts open to the public, and go all day with a nice break for lunch. Hiking Baldy, Devils Castle, snow cat skiing off the top of Superior and trips to Snowbird are all a part of the Ski with Kim experience in Alta. Apres ski in the beautiful Rustler Bar allows us to watch our daily videos, discuss equipment and talk about future ski trips around the world.

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Ski Crested Butte

Date: January 23-26, 2015

Crested Butte ski day

There are few places remaining that can be called a true Colorado ski town. The Crested Butte ski area is considered a holdout, retaining its small town charm and the adventurous soul that it has always had. With no traffic lights or chain stores and people who openly celebrate life every day, the genuine nature of the community and the pristine surroundings immediately capture you. Crested Butte inspires a passion for adventure within you no matter what your quest may be. From the moment you walk the streets of the historic mining town and meet the people who live here or view the ski mountain’s crested peak for the first time, you can tell this is a special place that stirs your inner spirit. The ski mountain has a natural character that is both distinctive and exhilarating for any ability level. From the abundant wide open green and blue groomed trails to more advanced long cruisers and the famous extreme limits of the North Face and Headwall, the mountain has it all. Kim spent 12 years living in Crested Butte and is happy to share with you her inside knowledge of the resort, the town and the best instructors.

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