Gift Ideas (and Discounts!) From Kim and her Sponsors

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K2 Skis’ FulLuvIt 95 is ready to take on the entire mountain. I love this ski. It is the most versatile ski in the Luv collection with a perfect waist width for variable conditions from icy, hard pack to soft corduroy and floaty powder. She is confident, sexy, stylish and will make you perform and look good no matter what. There is nothing cooler than a new pair of skis under the tree and I couldn’t recommend this pair more. Offered in three sizes, there is an option for you regardless of your size. Put a big bow on these babies and you’re sure to put the biggest smile on your lady’s face!

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Transpack bag:  The perfect travel companion used by myself and most of the world’s best skiers. My Transpack carries my boots in separate compartments and leaves room for my helmet, gloves and all the accessories you want to squeeze into one bag. Throw it on your back and your hands are free for your duffel and skis – it’s magic.  My pack of choice is the heated boot pro XL. We all know the last thing you want to do when you get off the hill is force out your liners, place them by the fire and hope they don’t get too close to the heat. With my Transpack, I’m able to dry my boots over night and slide into warm, heated boots in the morning. If that’s not heaven, I’m not sure what is.

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Turtle Fur :  A sponsor of mine for 30 years, Turtle Fur from Vermont makes the cutest, coziest, most functional hats, gaiters, buffs and accessories you can find. I can never have enough fresh, clean neck gaiters to use because skiing day after day, your garments can get sweaty, stinky and dirty. With all of the options for layering in varied temperatures and with a mix of outfits, coordinate and keep your ski wardrobe fresh and fun. I can’t go a day without my Turtle Fur so stock someone’s stocking with these this Christmas and better yet, get your gifts at a discount!

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Hestra Gloves: I love my gloves, plain and simple! It’s not just me on the ‘Hestra train’ either… my staff and many of the best skiers in the world know where the quality is at with these products. There truly isn’t a better glove on the market.  My favorite is the Alpine Pro heli-ski because you can remove the liner and wash it, especially after a sweaty, amazing pow day and you just need a dose of clean. Check out the different styles and colors online depending on your preference for gloves mitts or the in between!

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Perfect stocking stuffers:

Aloe Up:  For centuries, people of the tropics have used Aloe Vera Gel to soothe and heal dry, chapped skin after exposure to water, wind and sun.   Used by myself since 1989, organically grown Aloe Up products contain more pure Aloe Vera Gel than other similar products on the market. You won’t be disappointed by the smooth application and non-greasy texture. I live in the Baja half of the year, and around the world at ski resorts the other half, and I can tell you that I don’t travel without my screen. Stay protected and use product that actually works.

Get 25% off on all Aloe Up products: Use the code SKIWITHKIM at check out.

Clif Bar:  My favorite bars! I have been using and promoting Clif bar since 1997 and there’s a reason for my dedication to the company and the product.  Clif continues to make healthy, yummy, mess-free snacks for all of us on the go. My favorite snack is the Mojo Peanut Butter pretzel because it gives me the protein I need before, during or after a long day on the hill. Check out the huge variety including; Whey Protein Bar, Luna, Clif Kid, Shot energy chews, Protein Bars and more.

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Peeled Snacks: Peeled Snacks energize your mind and body with organic, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients, and also support the way snacks should be made – with real food!  Founded in 2004, Peeled has been fueling Ski with Kim for over 10 years. My favorite snacks are the Peas Please garden herb and the Mano dried fruit – I take them with me everywhere. They’re easy to pack on the chairlift and taste wonderful at the moment you’re in need of some energy.

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MJ Carroll