Women’s Ski Adventures - 30 Years and Going Strong

When I started Women’s Ski Adventures in 1989 my goal was to make the skiing experience easy for women: eliminate the hassles, for every excuse; I had the answer, for every inconvenience; I made it convenient. Every challenge was broken down piece-by-piece and put back together with the intention to make the ski experience one that all women would love.  


1) Skiing is a beautiful sport. It’s not about being strong and aggressive, it’s about fluidity, efficiency and rhythm, qualities which are more naturally attainted by the feminine.


2) Skiing is a finesse sport. It’s natural for a woman to flow down the mountain with her individual grace and style.


3) Skiing is romantic. It’s like a dance; you and your skis with the mountain as your partner.


4) Skiing is invigorating. With the wind in our face, crisp clean mountain air, the rush of adrenalin as we control the pull of gravity, we feel energized and rejuvenated.


5) Skiing is sexy. Bright colors, tight stretch pants, tan faces, breathtaking views, athletic happy people, fire places, hot spicy drinks, romantic destinations… what’s not sexy about that?

MJ Carroll