Five Reasons Why Groups Are Better Than Privates

Skiing is sexy.  

Skiing is stimulating, risky, exhilarating and  satisfying. It takes you to beautiful places all over the world. Sharing this experience and emotions with like-minded people makes it even better.


Less pressure and attention on you.  

In a private lesson all the energy is focused on you, which can be overwhelming.  With small groups, each person gets a little feedback allowing you to just ski and focus in your own experience.  


The desire to push ourselves comes from within.

When skiing in a small group we become comfortable with the group’s level and we build trust. When it comes to pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone, we find ourselves saying, “if she can do it... so can I.”  


We all learn from one another.  

The interaction between different skiers and the coach allows us to pick up tips that will also help us. Sometimes we learn the most when the information is directed at someone else.


Skiing is social.  

A small high-end group environment attracts interesting people.  The interaction, laughter, encouragement, challenges, friendships created and conversations shared is limitless.  The learning experience goes way beyond turning left and turning right; along the way we might learn something about ourselves.

Ski With Kim group ratio is five guests to one instructor/guide.

MJ Carroll