Legacy Customer Profile: Brenda Tananbaum

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Ski With Kim (SWK), meaning Kim has skied with A LOT of people, in A LOT of places. Kim's passion is to share her love of skiing with others. As a tribute to the people who have made this dream possible year after year, we are highlighting some of Ski With Kim's most loyal customers. 

For the fifth installment, Ski With Kim profiled Brenda Tananbaum from Southport, CT.       

Brenda and Kim in Steamboat, March 2018

Brenda and Kim in Steamboat, March 2018

How long has Brenda been skiing with Kim?  

For over 20 years! 

Where did you hear about SWK?

BRENDA: Back in the 90's I went to Vail, Colorado with Kim’s Aunt Carla.  Carla had skied with Kim in 1990 at Stratton Mountain in Vermont and talked me into joining her on a Vail Women’s Ski Adventure. 

Where have you skied with Kim? 

BRENDA: I’ve skied with Kim in Vail, Aspen, Crested Butte, Steamboat, Zermatt, Alaska and Portillo, Chile.

Brenda on top of the world in the Chugach Range, Alaska

Brenda on top of the world in the Chugach Range, Alaska

Most Notable Trips? 

BRENDA: The best trips I’ve been on are Portillo in 2010 and heli-skiing in Alaska in 2016. Portillo was impressive and quite challenging. The Lake Run was my all-time favorite, especially when the lake was frozen and we got to ski across it to get back to the base area.  Alaska heli-skiing was also unbelievable.  The pilot and guides were top notch and the snow amazing quality. 

Brenda and new friends in  Portillo, Chile

Brenda and new friends in Portillo, Chile

How has your skiing progressed? 

BRENDA: I hope my skiing has gotten better!  I may not be as brave as I used to be but I know my technique has gotten better.

KIM: Brenda has always been a strong skier and her technique has continued to improve. Over the years I’ve seen her confidence increase.  In the last few years she has backed off a bit, which is a good idea, so have I.  It’s nice that Brenda knows it’s okay to be less aggressive and still have just as much fun. Brenda loves to ski more than anyone I know. She has had some bad crashes and a few injuries but she still keeps coming back for more. Brenda is a very successful equestrian and I think her riding helps her be a great skier.

Brenda shredding big lines in AK!

Brenda shredding big lines in AK!

How has the relationship/trip experience evolved over the years?  

BRENDA: Kim offers tremendous support.  She knows when to push and when you need to back off. I like being challenged and Kim knows how to balance the right amount of challenge while still keeping the skiing enjoyable. When on a trip with Kim you know every last detail will be covered.  She knows how to make each and every trip one to remember and because of her contacts, her clients are treated above and beyond what you can expect on a regular ski vacation.  

Getting ready to drop into East Greeley in Alta

Getting ready to drop into East Greeley in Alta

What have you gained from Skiing With Kim besides progressing your skiing? 

BRENDA: I have met some amazing people on Kim’s trips. It is very special to be able to go on a ski trip by myself and not feel alone. Most of my close friends don’t ski or can’t leave their families, so I go on ski trips by myself. Kim has the ability to bring people together so you never feel alone!  I feel lucky to be able to call Kim a friend!









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