Kim Shares 6 Reasons To Ski in Portillo This Summer

1.)  You didn’t get in enough epic days this winter and want more!

We never get enough skiing in during the regular North American season, even in a good year.  Adding a week to your total ski days in August is like dessert, but without the calories. If you are looking to improve your technique and confidence, a summer trip will take your skiing to the next level.


2.)  Portillo is unlike any other ski resort

This places creates an incomparable dynamic. Between everyone staying in the same building, to not having other distractions like shopping, Portillo attracts like-minded people who are adventurous risk takers and enthusiastic about skiing. It creates a vibe that is generous, passionate and infectious; which makes Portillo one of my favorite places to ski in the world.


3.)   A new run at Portillo, “El Gaucho"

We just received word about an exciting new run at Portillo that will give us over 1,000 vertical feet of new terrain and access to more off piste skiing.  We go to Portillo to ski powder, steeps and beautiful long runs to the lake; discovering El Gaucho just made it that much more amazing!

IMG_1105 2.jpg

4.)   The sunsets and stargazing are off the charts

At over 9,000 feet and no outside lights, the night sky is black and filled with southern hemisphere stars that light up the sky. The sunsets are some of the best I have seen anywhere. The place to be for every sunset is chiling on the deck, overlooking the lake with a freshly made pisco sour in hand. The life! 


5.)   A helicopter in our back yard

Daily heli-skiing is an available option in Portillo. You can go for just one run, or all day; the perfect opportunity to try something cool and unique without the huge cost. After your heli-skiing day, the helicopter drops you off at Tio Bob’s, our on mountain lunch spot with a view that will knock your socks off.

WARNING: heli-skiing can be addictive.

DSC_4887 2.jpg


6.)   Good company and lively conversation

I've been skiing in Portillo for 13 summers. With all the years of experience comes connections and knowledge, which I pride myself in sharing with my guests. Whether you are traveling on your own, or with friends and family, a trip with me as your host will insure every last detail is taken care of, the company is lively and you don’t miss a thing.








MJ Carroll